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We live in a world that is constantly trying to tell us that we are not worthy. That we are not enough. Everywhere we look presents opportunities for us to compare ourselves to someone else. We are told that we are not pretty enough, not rich enough, not strong enough.

But the reality is that you are beautiful. You are rich in so many things that the world does not recognize. You are SO strong, and most importantly, you are worthy. We were all created to live a life full of love and experiences. Here are 7 things that absolutely do NOT determine your worth.

1. Your Past

We all have parts of our stories that we wish could be rewritten. The beautiful thing is that we have the power to leave the past behind, and move forward into the future. If you have had an abortion, and want to find healing, please contact us. We provide a safe place to share your fears, anger and pain as you begin to find hope and healing.

2. Your Circumstances

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we cannot control. Sometimes we even make decisions that lead to a season that we never thought we’d have to walk through. An unintended pregnancy is one of those situations that can sometimes lead to feelings of shame and failure. However, there is always hope. One season leads to another, and can leave you feeling stronger and more resilient than you thought possible. If you need resources, education, and care, give us a call.

3. Your Appearance

You. Are. Beautiful. Both inside and outside. No matter who you compare yourself to. We are all individuals that were made in the image of our Creator. You are not “less” than someone else because they look differently than you.

4. Your Age

“I’ll have a baby and be married by the time I’m 30.”
“I’ll buy a house by the time I’m 40.”
“Only people in their late teens and 20’s go to college, I’m too old for that”

Your story does not need to be based off of a cultural timeline. Letting go of those expectations will give you the freedom to live your life- for you. How freeing that is!

5. Your Job

You are not “just” a Mom. You are not “just” a cashier. You are not “just” a secretary, or “just” a _______ (fill in the blank). You are a beloved child of God. You are a friend. You are a coworker. You are a family member. You are worthy of relationships. You are not defined by your job title.

6. Your Finances and Social Status

It’s always a good idea to have goals, but we all recognize that sometimes they take a long time to reach. Sometimes we don’t even have control over our current financial situations, and we’re simply just trying to do our best. The amount of money you’re making, or that you have, does not determine your value. Despite what our culture says, you are valued because our loving God created you and loves you so much.

7. Your Relationship Status

Maybe you are single or in a committed relationship, engaged or married, separated or divorced, “it’s complicated”, or maybe you are widowed. Your worth does not come from who you are currently with- or from the failure of a loss or of a past relationship. You deserve to be valued and loved for who you are. Don’t settle for less.

Our hope is that you know that you are valued. You are worthy of a life that you can look back on and see the beauty among the ashes. You are worth so much more than what this world has told you. If you need healing from a past abortion, need parenting education, or are facing an unintended pregnancy– please contact us. Align Pregnancy Services has offices in LebanonLancasterEphrata, and Columbia, PA. We will provide a non-judgmental environment. As one of our clients recently stated, “Just knowing that you guys would be here for me, no matter what I chose to do, means so much.”

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