Parenting is a very important and rewarding job. We understand that it can be challenging at times, too. We offer support and education for parents of all ages. You’ll learn great skills and tips to parent your child well. Plus, you can develop friendships with other moms and dads who are in the same stage of parenting as you are.

In addition to developing your parenting skills in our free parenting classes, each time you attend a class and complete the homework, you will be given Care Cash (Align Pregnancy Services ‘money’ given for attended sessions and completed homework). Care Cash can be used in the Baby Boutique to purchase a variety of new or like-new items, including diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, and so much more!

Do you need help with food, housing, medical, or financial assistance? We’ll connect you to trusted organizations in Lancaster and Lebanon, PA that care about you and can offer the additional support that you need.

Our confidential support is 100% free to all clients.

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Community Support

Do you have a need for housing, medical assistance, or any other community service? We desire to connect you to organizations in your community that will offer you the additional support you need.

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Parenting Services

We’re here to help you take a careful look at what it takes to parent children well. For years we have been offering support and education for parents of all ages, helping them grow their parenting skills.

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For years, we’ve been helping women and men learn the skills needed to become the best parent they can be for their child, Hear their stories and experiences first hand by reading their testimonials.

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Parenting FAQs

I didn’t have good role models growing up and I’m afraid of “messing up”. Can you help me?

This is a common question we receive. Many of our clients did not receive the nurturing and care that they needed during their childhood. They deeply desire to “break the cycle” with their own children. Our parenting classes, material assistance, and the encouragement you receive from your Advocate are important ways in which we support you as you heroically “break the cycle” and provide a better childhood for your baby than you yourself received.

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I just have questions about a particular child raising problem, like how do I handle tantrums? Can you help me with this one issue without me needing to spend time on subjects that aren’t a concern for me?

Yes. Our parenting classes are “client directed.” This means that your Advocate will talk with you about your goals for the classes and then offer you options for classes that are available to you. Together you will choose an education path that meets your needs. Due to the popularity of our parenting classes, there may sometimes be a short wait for a class space to become available.

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Do I have to pay for the parenting classes?

No. Due to the generosity of our supporters; all services you receive at Align Pregnancy Services (including parenting classes) are 100% free to you, our client.

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My child is already five years old. Do you still have classes that would help me as I parent?

Yes. Although our free parenting classes are targeted to help parents with children ranging from newborn to preschool; there are classes that you would find beneficial in parenting your five-year-old. Please contact us for a list of classes that you may find helpful to you.

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Is there help available for me if I want to continue my education while I parent my child?

Federal law protects the rights of a parenting student who decides to continue her education while parenting and requires that learning institutions make accommodations for her. Please refer to the Title IX page of our website for details.

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Contact Us ✓ All services are 100% free & confidential

✓ 4 locations in Lancaster & Lebanon Counties in PA