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Align Pregnancy Services serves hundreds of women, men, and teens each year in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Read testimonies from people who have been positively impacted by our free parenting services.

Eric's Story

“It was very helpful having somebody to talk to that’s actually a father, that’s been through it a few times already. It made it that much easier. I’ve learned things I didn’t even know that I needed to know to be a father and how important it is to be involved in your child’s life. I learned how to believe in myself as a father. I learned how important faith was. Every time I have a question, somebody has an answer for it. They don’t judge you at all – they want you to be here.”


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My experience with this parenting program is very optimistic and mind opening for any unknown information I didn’t comprehend or didn’t know. I feel very blessed to be able to be in this program and part of this beautiful family because that’s what I feel when I am with my Advocate and the rest of the staff. I will say it helped me a lot with my pregnancy and my baby. The program and the information is very helpful and every day in life you learn something new and how to find answers that will help you with great parenting decisions in your baby’s life.

How to Get Started

Whether you’re looking to sign up for free parenting classes, earn free baby supplies, or just need someone to talk to, get started by contacting us.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough for playing such a huge role during my pregnancy and after having my baby! I am so grateful for all the mentoring and support. I was very thankful for the credit system you offered which allowed me to use towards formula. I was so blessed to receive help through you!

I got pregnant with my first child at 33 and decided to take the parenting classes and I’m so glad I did! At first 15 classes, a class once a week, sounded like it’d take forever but today’s my last class and the time flew by! Not only did I learn a lot of helpful information, I earned “care cash” to spend in the baby boutique! I also met some wonderful women that were so helpful, positive and understanding! I would highly encourage any mom to look into it! I’m beyond thankful to the ladies and the organization!

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