Prenatal Education Classes

Are you pregnant and anxious about your pregnancy?

This is to be expected – approximately 1 in 3 women experience anxiety during pregnancy.  Being educated about pregnancy and having proper support is one way to help with the anxiety you may experience.   Join us for our free prenatal education classes which provide helpful information about pregnancy, what to expect, how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to prepare for labor & delivery, along with many other topics to support you in this season of pregnancy.  We are here for you – to support you and to walk this journey with you.

What our Prenatal Education Classes Offer:

Our prenatal education classes offer a wide variety of topics to support you during pregnancy and to prepare you for labor & delivery as well as becoming a parent to an infant.   Classes are free and offered at various locations with a wide variety of days and times available to fit your schedule.   We offer group and individual classes.  Limited online class options are available for those who aren’t able to attend class in person.  Attending classes also provides the opportunity to earn baby care items for many of your baby’s material needs.

Topics that will be covered include the following:

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Earn Care Cash

Each time you arrive on time and complete your homework, you earn CARE Cash to spend in our Baby Boutique.  The baby boutique includes new and gently used items that are needed for your child’s care.  The boutiques are stocked with diapers, formula, clothing, equipment (high chairs, bouncer seats, strollers, etc), hygiene items, and much more!   As a client you are able to use the CARE Cash you earn from our free parenting education classes to shop at our Baby Boutique.

Who should attend? When should we attend?

Prenatal education classes are ideal for any pregnant woman, as well as the father of the baby, current partner, or significant other. You are welcome to come by yourself or as a couple.  The earlier in your pregnancy that you can start attending the better but we welcome you to join us at any point during your pregnancy.

How do I find the right class for me?

We have a wide variety of lessons available for our prenatal clients and will create a course list meets your specific needs.  Our standard prenatal course list provides an overview of various topics that affect most women and couples during pregnancy, however, we can tailor this to your needs as we recognize that every situation is unique and we want to provide what you need to best support you in this pregnancy journey.

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About Align Pregnancy Services

Everyone begins the parenting journey at square one.  At Align Pregnancy Services, we help you to learn and grow as a parent.

It’s our joy to come alongside expecting couples to provide helpful and applicable education so that you can soak in the joys of pregnancy while feeling confident that you are properly educated and prepared for welcoming your infant into your family.   The material support that is provided through the CARE Cash program ensures you have what is needed to tangibly provide for your baby’s needs.  Let us be a source of information, support, and encouragement in this exciting time in your life!

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When should I start prenatal classes?

The earlier in your pregnancy that you can start attending the better, but we welcome you to join us at any point during your pregnancy.

Are prenatal classes really necessary?

Our previous prenatal clients would share that these classes are extremely beneficial in helping new parents feel more confident and less anxious about pregnancy and parenting.   The classes are very helpful in this season of so many changes.

What are the benefits of prenatal education classes?

It’s always beneficial to be informed and to understand the changes that your body is going through as well as how to prepare for the changes coming to your family with the addition of your baby.   The more you can be educated about what to expect and how to properly prepare the better you will feel about becoming a parent and your experience as an expectant parent.

Where do I find a prenatal class near me?

Visit our locations page to find an Align Pregnancy Services location that is most convenient to you.  All four of our locations offer free prenatal classes.