Pregnancy Testimonials

Align Pregnancy Services serves hundreds of women, men, and teens each year in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Check out what our clients are saying about our pregnancy services below.

Adrienne's Story

“When I first came to SVPS I felt overwhelmed. I felt sad. I felt angry. I felt guilty. I felt a need in my heart for something more. Once I met everybody and the staff, I felt just a calmness. It was a great feeling to have godly Christian leaders surround you and help you on your journey.”

— Adrienne

“They are very optimistic and open-minded. I didn’t feel judged for not knowing information. They were very informative and helpful. I feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful family.”


“My Client Advocate was there for me, lending an ear when I needed it and offered great advice. They made me feel like family and I am so grateful to have her as an advocate. The education has been invaluable and everyone there is so kind and generous.”

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Social Rating
Based on 57 reviews

“My Client Advocate empowered me by telling me that I could do it. I never gave up my dreams. They gave me the support that I needed. Because of them I felt love, met caring people, and got the help and support I needed to go far in life.”


“I was impressed with the amount of kindness that was shown and the professional way that they treated me and my girlfriend. I was also impressed by their facility and how warm and homey it was, as I was expecting a very cold and sterile environment. We are so thankful for them as they really helped us to make the best decision for us.”


Waverly & Natalie's Story

“From the beginning, they offered us a lot of services from the first pregnancy test to a free ultrasound which was actually probably the biggest part of knowing that we’re going to keep this child and we’re going to have a little family. I think the most helpful thing would be the support system that they build around you. Complete strangers to you but you could tell that they actually care about you.”

— Waverly and Natalie

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