Is Abortion Illegal Now?

If you’re wondering what the status of abortion is now that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, you’re not alone. There are lots of opinions out there and lots of confusion.

Here’s a nutshell version of what happened.

Is Abortion Legal in Pennsylvania?

The Supreme Court determined that there is not a legal right to abortion in the Constitution of the United States, so abortion is no longer “the law of the land.” Instead, each state now has the right to determine its own laws about abortion through its elected officials.

Pennsylvania Laws on Abortion

Here in Pennsylvania, abortion is still legal up to 24 weeks gestation. Those who favor abortion are working to make abortion legal through all 9 months of pregnancy, and become tax-payer funded. Those who don’t favor abortion are working to protect preborn lives through a Pennsylvania constitutional amendment. This will be decided through the courts and in the legislative branches of PA government over the next few years.

For now, abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania.

But just because something is legal—like drinking too much alcohol—does it make it right and good for you? We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about abortion – no judgments, no strings attached.

If you’re experiencing an unsupported pregnancy, we’d love to walk alongside you and support you in practical, emotional, and spiritual ways. We’re here for you.