My Friend is Considering Abortion, How Can I Help? 5 Ways to Support a Friend through an Unintended Pregnancy

Just because a pregnancy was unintended, does not mean the child is unwanted. There are numerous ways you can support a friend through an unintended pregnancy.

Here are 5 ways to support her as she walks through this season of life:

1. Listen to her without judgment.

It is likely that your friend is afraid and unsure of what to do or who to turn to, so it’s important to respond to her news positively. If you are willing to listen to her fears and worries without judgment it will help you to then be able to have an open conversation about all of her options.

2. Walk through her choices with her.

After Abortion Support Services offered by Align Pregnancy Services

Oftentimes, many women experiencing an unintended pregnancy feel paralyzed by a lack of support and judgment from others. This makes many women feel as though abortion is their only option.

If, however, she is met with open arms and a willingness to talk through options, she may feel she has the support she needs to parent the child or choose adoption.

3. Encourage her.

Many of the loudest voices within our culture are telling women they can’t parent, making abortion look like the only option. It’s important to encourage your friend, let her know that you know she will make the best decision for her preborn baby and that you think she would be a wonderful mother. Change the narrative that your friend hears by providing her with the encouragement she needs to choose an option that leads to life for her preborn baby.

4. Support her in practical ways.

Providing tangible help is one of the best things you can do for your friend. Rather than saying, “let me know if you need anything” instead, choose to reach out to your church community, friends, family, and others to rally around her. Help her set up an online baby registry and send it out to your church, friends, and family.

You can also organize a meal train for her after she has the baby, to ensure she has meals provided for her. If she is considering adoption for her preborn baby, set her up with an adoption agency. There are many ways you can support your friend through this time.

5. Connect her to a local pregnancy resource center.

An interior view of one of Align Pregnancy Services' Pregnancy Support Centers

Pregnancy Resource Centers are available throughout the country and they are there to support people just like your friend, someone who is facing an unintended pregnancy and needs to hear about all of their options and get support from a center that will share with her the love of Christ and support her in tangible ways as well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or look for a location closest you today.


Written by: Lex Kanode