Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive. Now What?

You’ve recognized the signs and symptoms and you’ve taken a test.  You clearly are seeing those two pink lines or that digital word that reads, “pregnant.”  So many emotions and thoughts are running through your head, and one of the biggest questions is, “What do I do now?”

Maybe you’re excited and you can’t wait to share with everyone that you’re having a baby, or maybe you feel paralyzed in fear, embarrassment, or shame.  Maybe you plan to parent but are feeling overwhelmed by all of the changes that your body and your life are about to go through.  No matter what –  the first step that you need to take is to confirm your results.  A lab-grade pregnancy test will do just that.  We offer free self-administered pregnancy tests at our centers, or you can call your doctor.

After you’ve taken the time to process your situation, it is important to share your news with someone.  Whether it would be your significant other, your family, or a close friend, it will help ease your stress to know that you have someone that you can confide in.  The anxiety of keeping your pregnancy a secret can be extremely overwhelming, and if you just want someone to talk to, we are happy to be a listening ear.

Once you’ve received a positive pregnancy test, it is recommended that you schedule an ultrasound.  This scan will help determine the viability of your pregnancy.  It is the only way to accurately determine exactly how far along you are and is a great tool to provide you with information on your options and next steps.

You may already have an idea of how you plan to proceed with your pregnancy, but it is always best to educate yourself and to know that you have options.  You may choose to parent, place your baby with an adoptive family, or in some cases, terminate your pregnancy through an abortion.  We are happy to talk with you through these options, and to provide you with medically accurate information as you decide.  It is important to know that all three pregnancy options come with difficulties, and we understand that sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be an easy answer.   We provide a judgement-free environment and are just a phone call away if you’d like to set up an appointment.