Align Pregnancy Services is providing free babycare essentials to young families in need across Lancaster County, PA and Lebanon County, PA..

Align Pregnancy Services (a local ministry of Align Life Ministries) typically offers free material assistance to clients through our “Earn While You Learn” parenting classes. But with a heart of increased generosity, parents of small children do not have to be clients to receive infant formula, diapers, and wipes if they have a need. The supplies are available upon request by contacting Align Pregnancy Services.

Director of Client Services, Heidi Geerer, says, “We are called to champion the gospel of Jesus and the sacredness of life. A practical way we do this is by helping parents keep their little ones nourished, safe, and healthy.” The organization also continues to provide prenatal and parenting classes to young moms and dads through video calls, and first trimester ultrasounds to pregnant women. “These services not only meet significant physical needs,” Geerer notes, “they also create opportunities for meaningful connection and prayer for young parents in a time when isolation looms large.”

Parents facing difficult circumstances have been extremely appreciative of the help. “I’m thankful for this service,” said one young mom. “Align Pregnancy Services was quick to respond and their service was friendly. Their program has been a lifesaver during this rough time in my life.”

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Free, Essential Baby Supplies Available through Align Pregnancy Services — Align Pregnancy Services

Align Pregnancy Services is providing free essential baby supplies to young families in need.

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