Decluttering and Treasure Hunting: Post-abortion Support

Written By: Stacy – Align Pregnancy Services Associate Director


I’m not sure how many years it’s all been accumulating, but I sure did manage to cram a lot of stuff into that tiny drawer. I never intended to let it get so bad. I planned on setting time aside “someday” when life wasn’t so busy to begin the cleaning-out process.

One Saturday, I went into my kitchen drawer to get a pen and notepad, but the drawer wouldn’t budge. All that accumulated stuff prevented the drawer from functioning as it was designed to, and it prevented me from having access to what I wanted. On that Saturday, “someday” became today.

Decluttering Your Mental Drawer

Our lives can often be just like that drawer. Slowly, over the course of years, we stuff our disappointments, our past mistakes, our hurts, and our losses into various compartments of our lives.  And if these painful events remain undealt with, they can distort our view of life, affect our relationships with others, and ultimately cause us to live in a cycle of crisis.

None of us desire this kind of living or intend to let this become our story. We plan on dealing with it all one day, but one day turns into someday, which turns into never.

We may all have different, but significant, life events that have taken up residence in our lives. Perhaps for you, it is a past abortion.

Your abortion may be fresh and new, or it might be buried so far down that it only causes pangs of pain occasionally. If your abortion was years or decades ago it is likely tangled up with other pieces of your life that might feel overwhelming and scary to revisit.

It is hard to open yourself up to the process, and the work healing requires; especially if your abortion has been kept hidden. Regardless of how long or how entangled it is into the fabric of your life, it’s important for you to know that there are individuals who want to help you revisit your past abortion and walk with you towards hope and healing.

Post-Abortion Support At Align

At Align Pregnancy Services, we provide post-abortion support. Trained staff will walk alongside you as you begin the healing process. You will also have the opportunity to meet other women who have experienced a past abortion and lean on one another through the 8-week group process.

Your coping skills may have included running, hiding, and stuffing to distance yourself from the pain.  But, when you grab the hands of others and bring the pain into the light and truth of Jesus together, you can experience true freedom. Freedom that puts the running, the hiding, and the stuffing to rest. It’s a daunting task, but piece by piece, your past abortion can get sorted through and each hurt and fear examined and released into the hands of Jesus. And in the end, among all the broken pieces and tangled chords, you will find beautiful hidden treasure.

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It’s not easy to open up and revisit a past abortion, but just like my overstuffed kitchen drawer, when I finally took the time to unpack, sort through, and reorganize, I received more room for the things that were truly important and that nagging “someday” feeling was replaced with a sense of lighter living. Don’t carry your past abortion any longer. Make today your “someday.” Take our post-abortion quiz to determine if your abortion experience is impacting your present-day life. Freedom awaits! Read testimonies from people who have been positively impacted by our post-abortion services.

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