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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy? Here’s Your First Step

I was 19 years old when I took my first pregnancy test. Scared, I looked down through teary eyes and saw two pink lines staring back at me. That moment changed everything. Those two pink lines did not just mean a positive pregnancy test. They meant that my familiar life had just become unrecognizable. They […]

Julianna’s Story- An Adoptee’s Journey

I recently learned that just as quickly as I was born, my life ended for a short period of time. My birth mother had a traumatic birthing experience, but miraculously, I was given a chance at life as the doctors were able to resuscitate me. An adoption plan was made prior to my birth, and my birth […]

6 Misconceptions of Infant Adoption for Expectant Mothers

While there are three clear options women have when facing an unintended pregnancy, adoption is one that many women feel is impossible. “I could never give my baby away” is a very real and heartbreaking statement- especially for a woman who feels that parenting is just simply not an option. It’s important to note that all […]

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