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5 Fun Fetal Development Facts

Pregnancy is such a special time, and when you look past the morning sickness, your ever-changing body, and the aches and pains- you can embrace the joy and the miracle growing inside of your womb. There are so many changes that happen weekly, and even daily. After all, it only takes 37-40 for a baby to grow from […]

10 Ways to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

Disclaimer: This article was submitted by a third-party resource. You can view the original article on their website here: Have a Well-Informed Pregnancy: 10 Ways to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant deserve quality care and non-judgmental support throughout all three trimesters. They should also care for themselves mentally and physically to promote […]

Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive. Now What?

You’ve recognized the signs and symptoms and you’ve taken a test. You clearly are seeing those two pink lines or that digital word that reads, “pregnant.” So many emotions and thoughts are running through your head, and one of the biggest questions is, “What do I do now?” Maybe you’re excited and you can’t wait to share with […]

The Importance of an Ultrasound Before You Decide

You may have just seen those two pink lines, and are now facing one of the hardest decisions you have ever faced. You might be feeling scared, overwhelmed, and have so many questions. Your feelings are valid. It’s ok to take a breath, slow down, and find answers to your questions. What should you do […]

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