Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS)

When a person experiences a traumatic event, they will sometimes have difficulty recovering from that experience.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is diagnosed with symptoms such as nightmares, avoidance of situations that bring memories of the trauma, anxiety, depression, and heightened reactions.1

Abortion can be traumatic for some women, and Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, or PASS, is the name that has been given to the psychological aftereffect6of abortion, based off of PTSD.  While PASS is not an official term accepted by the APA, it is still widely acknowledged that abortion may cause sadness, grief, or regret.  Symptoms of PASS include feelings of guilt, anxiety, numbness/depression, flashbacks, and suicidal thoughts.2

If you’re experiencing symptoms of PASS, your feelings are valid; in whatever way they may surface.  You may have developed a fear of what others now think of you, or maybe you’re worried that you might not be able to get pregnant again.  If you have had a surgical abortion, (in which most cases the patient is fully conscious) it would be understandable to recognize that trauma and the reality of possible flashbacks.  If you’re experiencing depression, or suicidal thoughts, please reach out to a counselor or healthcare professional.

Recognizing symptoms and seeking help is the first step into overcoming PASS.   There is no set timeframe to fully recover mentally and emotionally from a traumatic event, but there is hope and healing available. You can call us today to schedule a judgement-free appointment with our Post-Abortion Services Director and begin your healing journey.



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